What Audience Members Say About AMON! The Ultimate Texan:

“A masterpiece.” – Linda Swindling

“Extraordinary performance. Extremely moving.” – Bobbie Wygant

 “A hit in my book! Funny, bittersweet, poignant.” – Susan Spencer

 “Such an incredible show. Bravo!” – Janet Hahn

 “If you missed this play, do everything possible to see it. So well written and performed!” – Pam Maki Hatcher

 “It’s just a wonderful reminder of all things Fort Worth.” – Christy Jones Barrett

 “We get to see this legendary Texan and Horned Frog fan come to life on stage.” – Anthony Kirchner

 “The research and writing was dead on. You nailed it.” – Mike Musgrove

“Kelvin Dilks, the actor who portrays Amon Carter, does an amazing job of telling about Amon’s life and the impact he had on Fort Worth.” – Gigi Deering Haltom

 “Seeing actor Kelvin Dilks portray such a larger than life person in the flesh was a roller coaster of highs filled with big bravado and laughs and the touching, sad lows that made you feel his personal tragedies. If you have lived, worked, dreamed or played in Fort Worth you need to see this play.” – Michael Gibson Jr.

 “I absolutely loved this show.” — Barbara Lundgren

 “Amon Carter was quite the man. Dave Lieber has captured his essence in book and play. And Kelvin Dilks excels in capturing the man’s personality in his portrayal.” – Jerome Davis

 “Every gesture, every stride, every inflection in his voice, every facial expression told the story. Kudos to Mr. Dilks and the director, Connie Sanchez.” – Myretta Bell

 “I attended two shows, and both times I walked away in amazement.” – Kay Acer

 “We laughed, cheered and cried as Amon G. Carter came to life before our eyes. Remarkable man. Wonderful portrayal.” – Pam Kinkema

 “A wonderful show full of laughs and tears, and a great tribute to the man who made Fort Worth what it is today. We loved every minute.” – Wendy McGahey

 “AMON! The Ultimate Texan truly is a love letter to Fort Worth. I left the theater wishing I had personally known Amon G. Carter. I knew he was a great man and that he made a significant impact, but I had not even begun to touch the surface of the magnitude of his reach during his half century rule of Fort Worth.” – Shalyn Clark

 “You gotta see this play. And you gotta read the companion book. You just gotta.” – Roger Summers

 “All I can say is if you’ve missed going to this play, you’ve missed something tremendously special.” – Thomas Barry

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David Lieber