Dave Lieber

DAVE LIEBER has worked as a Texas newspaper columnist for more than 26 years – first at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and now at The Dallas Morning News where he writes the twice-weekly investigative “Watchdog” column. The author of eight books, Dave is also a certified professional speaker, one of only a thousand in the world. He specializes in teaching strategic storytelling to businesses, groups and individuals. AMON! The Ultimate Texan is his first play.

His latest columns are available on The Dallas Morning News Watchdog page. He fights for Americans and shows you how to save time, money and aggravation. He works to expose corruption and make positive change. In 2019, he received top prize in the nation’s largest column-writing contest. A judge stated, “Through a lively combination of consumer advocacy and investigative reporting, Lieber’s columns were models of suspenseful storytelling and public service.”

He is founder of a consumer rights movement —  WatchdogNation.com — which shows Americans how to protect themselves from thugs, thieves, scammers, and corporate skulduggery.

His heart is in the non-profit world. He’s co-founder of Summer Santa, one of North Texas’ largest children’s charities. For this, he won the Will Rogers Humanitarian Award. This honor goes to the U.S. newspaper columnist whose work produced positive effects on the lives of readers.


Motivational speaker Dave Lieber is one of America's top storytelling experts for businesses. He quickly trains your team on how to jump to the next skill level with humor and fun.

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